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Session Policy
In the event that you are running behind 15 minutes or later for the arrival of your session, other accommodations may need to be made (e.g. adjusting your services or rescheduling for another day or time). Should your session be rescheduled due to late arrival, a non-refundable cancellation fee of 50% of your scheduled service will be charged and cannot be applied to the newly scheduled service fee.

Check In Policy
Upon arrival, you may enter the studio provided the door is open and/or another guest is not currently in the salon chair, otherwise you may wait in the designated seating area directly outside of the studio. If your stylist is running behind, they may provide you a call to let you know.

"No Show" and Cancellations:
Please notify your stylist 72 hours in advance for session cancellations as a courtesy to your service provider to have ample time to try and fill the open spot. Canceling 24 hours in advance will result in a non-refundable charge of 50% of your scheduled service. Canceling on the same day or no-show sessions will result in a non-refundable "No Show Fee" of the full scheduled service fee. This ensures your service provider is compensated for the scheduled time. Cancellation and No Show Fees cannot be applied to future services. 

Products and services are not eligible for refund. We strongly believe and stand behind the products we use and recommend. In the event that a product recommended does not fit your needs, an exchange of the product for another recommended product can be made within 7 days of purchase (difference in value will be honored).

Poppy Hair Studio is always striving to better ourselves with our talent and creativity. While at times we may fall short, we do encourage guests to kindly express that the desired look may not have been met. Our adjustment policy gives our guests 7 days from the original date of visit to come back in for a complimentary adjustment. Please note: adjustments are not necessarily an entire service to be repeated; it may be just a little more off of a cut or a few more hi-lights from what the original service was. If there is a change of mind from what the original service or consultation was, a nominal charge will be applied. We cannot honor the complimentary adjustment if it's outside of the 7 day period and regular service prices will be charged.

Child Safety
Our concerns are for the safety of your children. We ask that you consider the fact that sharp objects, hot styling tools, and chemicals combine to make any salon space a dangerous environment for your child. No matter how careful we are, accidents are prone to happen. When bringing young children into the studio, please provide supervision for them at all times. To help reduce congestion in the service area, we ask that friends and family of guests, who are not receiving services, wait comfortably in the designated seating area or outside of the studio. We want your experience to be relaxing and enjoyable for you, your child, and safe for your service provider.

Mask and Sick Policy 
At Poppy Hair Studio the option to wear a mask is open to preference. If you would prefer your service provider wears a mask, please disclose this before arriving to your scheduled session in order for us to accommodate your needs. We understand that every individual has different views and limitations. However, due to the affect COVID-19 held on our country and the beauty industry, should you become sick with any illness or test positive with a variant of COVID-19, we ask that you notify your service provider in a timely manner to reschedule your session. Rescheduled sessions cannot be scheduled for at least 2 weeks after testing positive or contracting any illness. If you choose to no show the day of your scheduled session, a non-refundable "No Show Fee" will be charged. If you notify us of an illness or COVID-19 symptoms the day of your session this will result in a cancellation charge of 50% of your scheduled service which can be applied to the rescheduled amount of your service within a two-week rescheduling period. Should you cancel past 24 hours or choose to no show your rescheduled service, your 50% charge will be deemed non-refundable and illegible to go toward future services. Should this fee be declined or not made, a deposit will be required in order to schedule a future service. Refusal to pay deposits will result in being permanently banned from future scheduling.

Nondisclosure Policy
We pride Poppy Hair Studio as being a positive and accepting space. As a small business, we hold the right to not openly disclose whether our staff has been vaccinated, our staff's political party, or any other personal information. We ask that you refrain from any such conversations on any such matter in respect of our staff.


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