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Where are you located?

We are located inside the Sola Salons inside the Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indianapolis across from the upper level of Nordstrom. 

How often should I return?

This varies on which service you are wishing to receive or touch up. However this guide may help:

Haircut - 6-8 weeks

Specialty Treatments - 6-8 weeks

Brazilian Blowout - 12 weeks

Facial Wax - 4-6 weeks

Sunset Boulevard Blonde - 8-12 weeks

California Blonde - 10-16 weeks

Gloss - 4 weeks

Extensions - 4-6 weeks

What are Tape-In Extensions?

Tape In extensions are installed by sandwiching your natural hair in between two taped wefts of hair. Perfect for volume.

Lengths Available: 20 inches


$530 Hair Deposit + $150 Installation Fee = $680


$400 every 4-6 weeks

Where can I find parking?

Parking can be found toward the back of the mall. You can park in the ground lot behind Shake Shack or on the 3rd level of the back parking garage.

What kind of extensions do you offer?

Here at Poppy Hair Studio we offer two different methods of hair extensions provided through DreamCatchers Hair Extensions: I-Tip and Tape In. DreamCatchers has been rated the world's best hair extensions and are 100% full cuticle Remy hair, that is silicone free and made to last. Which means you are receiving high quality, real human hair, that can be custom colored to match your hair.

What products do you carry?

We carry three salon exclusive, luxury brands that are suitable for all hair types:

Brazilian Blowout



What Service should I schedule?

If you need assistance choosing a good fit, visit our "Services" tab, scroll down, and submit the form at the bottom. We will email you with our best suggestions.

What are I-Tip extensions?

I-Tip extensions are installed using your natural hair and a silicone lined cylinder or bead clamped to lay flat against your head. This method is one of the safest methods as it does not involve bonding agents, heat activation tools, glues, or threads to install. Perfect for volume or added density.

Lengths Available: 20 - 24 inches


Full Head - $560 Hair Deposit + $250 Installation Fee = $810

(Perfect for added length and volume)

Partial Head - $240 Hair Deposit + $200 Installation Fee = $440

(Perfect for fine hair for added density)


Full Head Adjustments - $320 alternate 4-6 weeks

Partial Head Adjustments - $160 alternate 4-6 weeks

Full Head Refusions - $400 alternate 4-6 weeks

Partial Head Refusions - $200 alternate 4-6 weeks

Do you offer first time guest discounts?

Sometimes! Give us a call to see if there are any deals happening.

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